Thursday, October 30, 2014

October Haiku

A sampling of what passes for my best haiku from the last month. I've been writing a lot. A few aren't terrible.

Sitting on a chair
    the game
Of apologies

I remember finding everything
    hiding itself
In a single brick of a wall

Wind at the pier
    seagulls flapping
Just to stay still

Fishing lines
    and old fat men
Statues to Huntington Beach

Somewhere a girl cries
    her autumn boy
Didn't want her

The world is full
    of purple balloons
And red umbrellas

Sidewalks waiting
    in the grey dawn
For the runner's footfall

Sitting alone
    a queen bee
Without a hive

What do we want
    from our
iced teas?

Every cafe closes
    when the patrons
Run out of ink

His sunglasses
    protect his eyes
From being seen

Walking the pier
    so many young couples
Secretly fighting

An empty strip mall
    the decline
Of the West

The death of culture
    my notebook
And my pen

Sitting at his desk
By little infernos

She spoke, assured
    but secretly she
Boiled, insecure

A barista's glasses
    her coffee voice
And converse sneakers

Halloween in Los Angeles
    the people wore
Slightly different costumes

Friday, October 17, 2014

Kerouac then Me

Every cat in Kyoto
    can see through the fog.

We are the cats
    here is Kyoto
Ours is the fog