Monday, November 9, 2009

If There's a Slow Down...

It's because I'm entering the end of the academic quarter, when projects, essays, and bribes are due. Wait...

In all seriousness, project-based learning has its benefits and drawbacks. Stanford clearly believes in learning by doing, and has the relationships necessary to make the "doing" not merely simulation, but reality in almost every class. We have a chance to present the prototypes we build, or the ideas we generate, not just to teachers, but to Silicon Valley companies and to the world's largest charitable foundations.

The drawback - such as it is - to that model, especially in this environment, is that it tends to be back-heavy. As the quarter draws to an end, projects are due in every class, and in many classes the reason to do well is not a grade, or credit, but the opportunity to network with the best and the brightest that the field of education has to offer. I have found that posting here - even for my itty-bitty audience (and what is 'audience' anyway?) - helps keep my mind nimble and aware of things other than my classwork. Sometimes it helps me to contextualize that classwork more broadly. Sometimes it is just fun. Regardless, it's here to stay, but the next few weeks will see a slowdown.

That said, if any of my papers are pertinent to a wider audience, you'll probably see them up here. So maybe fewer posts, but longer posts, are in the wings.

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