Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Goin' To California

Just a quick note to the effect that I'll be traveling in California for most of the rest of the month, meaning there's no guarantee on frequency of blog posts for that time.  Chances are about 50/50 that I'll actually write more during my trip, but no promises.

The purpose of the journey is threefold.  First off, I'll be presenting along with my Mom at the NSTA national conference in San Francisco.  We'll be talking about using Moodle as a tool to support learning - and especially metacognition - in the sciences.  The presentation is at the Marriot San Francisco Marquis, Sierra C room at 3:30, for those of you in the area who are either attending NSTA already or who might want to sneak in to say "hi."

Secondly, I'll be staying in San Francisco to visit friends and to spend my one year anniversary with my wife Jericha during her spring break.  We're looking forward to actually visiting all those places in the city that we neglected during my year at Stanford (neglected mainly due to the distance between Palo Alto and the city, and the workload of getting a Master's degree).

Thirdly, I'll be visiting both Stanford and then traveling to San Diego to visit UCSD (and more friends, of course).  If you recall my list of PhD applications from the fall, you'll recognize that these as two of the five* schools to which I applied.  I have heard affirmatives from both (with funding still pending from Stanford), and will be engaging in the difficult process of choosing which program to attend for the next four plus years.

*As for the other three, I've heard a no from Chicago, and have not heard from UCSC and UH.  UCSC I don't have particularly high expectations at this point, as it's late to receive a positive response from a UC school at this point, as is evidenced by UCSD's offer.  As for UH, they run on a slightly later schedule, and I likely won't hear from them until the summer.

So if I neglect to post anything for awhile, that's why.  But the Beethoven project will continue - especially now that I'm finally getting around to reading Lewis Lockwood's fantastic biography of the composer - and of course dispatches from the Golden State are likely to be forthcoming as well.  I would also recommend popping over to Pitchers and Poets, both because they recently went through an awesome redesign and because a post from yours truly is on the way.  Ok, it's not written yet, but that's what the plane ride is for.

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