Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A New Mini-Project: Constructing Narratives with the Colorado Rockies

I want to try an experiment.  For a while I've had this idea of going through the Rockies history and picking the player from each season that most exemplified the team that year.  I don't mean the best player, or the most famous, or the most highly paid, or anything like that.  I mean the player who's individual narrative most mirrors that of the team as a whole.

There are a few ways to do this, I think, but the method I'm going to use is this: I'm going to write a sentence (or maybe a haiku?) to describe each season, and then I'm going to look through the roster from that season and see which players best reflect the sentence I've written for the team.  While the result, hopefully, will be an interesting - to a Rockies fan anyway - trip down memory lane, I also expect to do some meta-analysis, to ask questions like the broad "How do we construct narratives?" and the more specific "What is the relationship between statistics - like W-L record or home runs - and the words that make up our stories?"

To save both you and me from an incredibly long post, I'm going to break this up and post a bit of it each day or two.  After that, and barring any significant event that demands a Nicht Diesian commentary, I promise I'll get the next Beethoven post up soon.

Part one, covering 1993-1997, is here.
Part two, convering 1998-2001, is here.
Part three, covering 2002-2006, is here.
Part four, covering 2007-2010, is here.

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