Thursday, June 23, 2011

Observational Haikus

A couple days back I took my creative writing class outside to write haiku.  The following are mine (the ones I don't hate, anyway).  Also, I should mention that I'm a long-time reader of Jack Kerouac, and thus don't believe that the 5-7-5 syllable rule need apply to English haiku.  He called them "pops."

It's a banana,
   but what
Does it mean?

Interrogating fruit
   is a sticky

Sitting near food
   makes me

Summer in Honolulu
Winter in Honolulu

Too many poems
   walking around
To write them all

   box is

Lunch ladies talking
   as if they wish
We didn't exist

What's the difference
Cook and Cooke?

Pimples abound
   on the kid
Wearing socks

"Chicken of the Sea
   the best tuna
Just got better!"

(that's an actual slogan, prefaced by "ask any mermaid")

Sometimes it's unwise
   to ask a mermaid
About her tuna

A poem is a sale
   dolla fitty
A word

The older you get
   the harder it is
To be profound

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