Thursday, December 20, 2012


This holiday, I'm staying at the fancy-pants hotel my brother recently starting working at in Manhattan. Atop their stationary are three words: "Modern | Eclectic | Intimate." This got me thinking about the letters M, E, and I, and variations they might consider if they ever re-design their stationary. I think my revisions tell a better story.

Moderate Eccentric Inmate
Modal Electric Interstate
Module Enchanting Invertebrate
Metal Ectoplasm Inversion
Meticulous Elephant Instrument
Mucus Exposing Invalid
Mules Existing Illicitly
Metronome Elderberry Inkwell
Moss Euphonic Idlywild
Musky Encephalitic Indigestion

1 comment:

  1. Magnifies Environmental Impact
    Massive Emptiness Inside
    Monster Envy Inciter
    Men Exist Illogically
    Many Evils Included
    Magnificent Ego Inciter
    Move Everybody In
    More Eating Inadvisably