Monday, June 1, 2015

A Sonnet

The final assignment of the year is to write a sonnet. To prove it could be done, I wrote a sonnet about writing sonnets for my students this afternoon during homework period. Here it is.

A sonnet is no easy thing to write.
It takes much practice, effort, skill, and time.
Against the meter poets ever fight,
And 'tis no simple task to make it rhyme.
But these are just the formal steps to take.
The real art lies in saying something true
That with the reader needs must resonate
Because it is profound, brilliant, or new.
So many poems explore the same old themes,
Like love, desire, death, and happiness.
A few, though, do escape those tired memes,
Exploring thoughts unique, and nothing less.
So when contributing your own new verse
Expound on all, yourself, the universe.

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